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How to Mass Rename Files from SQL using xp_cmdshell and rename command Siccolo...
Engineered to help you extend your support from mobile devices for Microsoft SQL Servers, Siccolo mobile management tool is a portable administration tool for Microsoft SQL Server. Siccolo is the premier GUI admin tool for Microsoft SQL Server management, control and development.

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  In many cases you a have a need to mass rename file in a certain location
  Using xp_cmdshell - eXtended stored procedure provided by Microsoft and stored in the master database. This procedure allows you to issue operating system commands directly to the Windows command shell via T-SQL code. If needed the output of these commands will be returned to the calling routine.
	create procedure sp_MassFileNameRename
		@path varchar(555)
		, @find varchar(255)
		, @replace varchar(255)
	-- exec sp_MassFileNameRename 'd:\temp\test', 'rrr', 'aaa'
	set nocount on
	-- normalize path
	if right(@path,1)!='\'	set @path = @path+'\'

	declare @command varchar(666)
	set @command = 'dir ' + @path + '*' + @find + '*' +  ' /B'
	print @command

	create table #tmp_dir_list (file_name_listing varchar(1000))
	insert into #tmp_dir_list
	exec master.dbo.xp_cmdshell @command 

	-- clean up directory list:
	delete #tmp_dir_list where isnull(file_name_listing,'')=''
	delete #tmp_dir_list where isnull(file_name_listing,'')='File Not Found'

	select * from #tmp_dir_list

	-- for each file in list - rename
	declare @file_name varchar(555)
		, @new_file_name varchar(999)

	declare file_list  cursor
		for select file_name_listing
			from #tmp_dir_list
		for read only
	open file_list

	fetch next from file_list  into @file_name
	while @@fetch_status=0

			set @new_file_name = replace(@file_name, @find, @replace)
			set @file_name = @path + @file_name

			set @command = 'rename "' + @file_name + '" "' + @new_file_name + '"'
			print @command

			exec master.dbo.xp_cmdshell @command , NO_OUTPUT
			fetch next from file_list  into @file_name

	close file_list
	deallocate file_list

	drop table #tmp_dir_list

	set nocount off

Side Note:
xp_cmdshell - eXtended SQL stored procedure.
Executes a given command string as an operating-system command shell and returns any output as rows of text. Grants nonadministrative users permissions to execute xp_cmdshell. xp_cmdshell operates synchronously. Control is not returned until the command shell command completes.

Where xp_cmdshell {'command_string'} [, no_output]

For example, to retireve all the folders for a given disk path:
	create table #tmp (directory_name varchar(255))

	insert into #tmp
	exec master.dbo.xp_cmdshell "dir d:\ /B /A:D /S"

	select * from #tmp --for xml auto

	drop table #tmp
or to get server information:
	exec master.dbo.xp_cmdshell "net statistics server"
Side Note:
rename - Renames a file or files.
RENAME [drive:][path]filename1 filename2. REN [drive:][path]filename1 filename2.

Note that you cannot specify a new drive or path for your destination file.

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